среда, 13 июля 2011 г.

Picuzzle - play your puzzle online

We are always interesting in some new ideas from our high qualified team members.  Trying to push they ideas into reality is our corporate target goal.

While we are pretty busy with business projects its always nice to produce something for fun.

So what is Picuzzle?

First of all members of our team like puzzles. Its nice to get some rest from a coding for a minute and join a game with your team members.

Another reason is our inspiration to create something which anyone can use but not for business. Thats why we were thinking about single game for all family. Game which will be interesting for any age:  for kids and parents.

Interactive game which allows you to play online without any needs for buying puzzles.

You may choose yourself what puzzle you would like to start today, you can manage yourself how complex this puzzle will be.

You can easy adapt local photo from your travel photo album, wedding photo or any other image.

You can pick a screenshot from a Disney movie for your kids and let them play puzzle with Cars 2 heros without going out to a Disney store.

Currently our game will be under testing phase - we hope to hear your feedbacks about it. Is there any problems please send your comments to feedback@picuzzle.com

Once we finalize testing of this core puzzle engine - we will release more options for Picuzzle lovers!

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