вторник, 19 июля 2011 г.

How customer reviews might increase your sales

Today we would like to speak about one core factor in your business which really increase your sales.
Its about customer reviews.

Lets discuss together what thing you are looking at when you compare products online. Of course its something different than price.

For about  5 years of sales over internet I starting my research with google keywords like "%PRODUCTNAME% reviews" or "%BRANDNAME% reviews".

Its related to any product or service actually. I can search for name of the specific hotel, travel destination, car model or digital device. I would start from reviews in case I'm looking for a specific book or music album.

So imaging how many times a day someone looking for product which you are selling from reviews aspect.

I'm sure its alot of customers.

Why not to get some benefits from that? Its really helpful to get customer reviews - by statistics product with reviews increase sales by 26%.

From one side its a way for customer to get previous comments - from another side it will show to customer that you are store he might trust as other people made a purchase with your store.

Our team tried to simplify this process and automate this using our magento extension Discount for review.

System automatically remind customer to leave a review plus give him a discount for repeated sales.

Hope you will try it for your store and comment about your experience with our product. 

Buy our Discount for review extension till July 30th and get Discount for order extension at no cost.

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