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10 Selected Magento extensions which our team recommends for any Ecommerce startup

As a Bronze Magento Solution partner we are not only doing development for our clients but also suggest them how they could improve they store by using different community extensions.

Also during recent months we had in mind couple of interesting ideas about new extensions. We were surprised that these ideas were implemented by other community members and already available in Magento connect store.

Today we are pleasure to summmarize our experience and built own our review list called "10 Selected Magento extensions we would recommend for any store".

We don't have any relationship with companies produced these extensions but we really appreciate time and efforts they spent to create and distribute these extensions to the market.

Enjoy and feel free to post your own ideas here!

One step checkout

OneStepCheckout is a single step, single page checkout extension that will increase your conversion rate by simplifying your checkout process. OSC is all about reducing customer abandonment and increasing customer conversions.
OSC is a total revamp of the standard checkout process in Magento. The core feature is that it reduces the six standard Magento checkout steps down to one. Totals and prices are dynamically updated via AJAX when shipping/payment method is selected. The user simply fills in their address and chooses delivery /payment methods on the same page, rather than having to do a separate step for each.
Improving the checkout process results in more customers completing their sales, and this has an immediate impact on your bottom line. It is the single most effective technical change you can make to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Fooman Speedster

Speed up your store by combining, compressing and caching JS and CSS. This extension reworks how Magento handles the loading of JavaScript and CSS. It utilises the Minify library developed by Steve Clay and released under a BSD license. See the attached screen shots for a before / after comparison on my setup.
If you are running Magento < version 1.4 please use version 1.1.3 of this extension - available via the Releases tab.
* Javascript AND CSS are combined into one file each
* compression even without gzip support on your server
* Automatic Versioning - every time you update one of your JS/CSS files a new url gets created forcing the customer's browser to request the new version (be sure to update the Magento cache as well)
* Minify does its magic to ensure that CSS images are properly served no matter what package/interface/skin you are using.

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together takes its honored place in aheadWorks’ set of perfectly-crafted Magento sale motivation extensions.

During installation, Frequently Bought Together turns off the Related Products block. By inserting a simple code in your CMS, you can choose where to display the module’s content.

Once embedded, Frequently Bought Together displays related products in a neat, comfortable and modern way, employing smooth and eye-catching AJAX and JavaScript effects. This extension not only enriches your store content by making it look Web 2.0, but it also attracts your customers. Consumers are encouraged to place additional products in their carts, increasing your cross-sells and total purchase amounts.

From the AJAX side, Frequently Bought Together is powered by Pico JavaScript library, an in-house project of aheadWorks Co.

Blog extension

Support messages to private board, reviews, aheadworks.com site or any other place are NOT welcome and unlikely to be considered!
The Blog extension from aheadWorks is reckoned among the best buzz and word of mouth marketing tips. It not only provides your regular customers with up-to-date information but brings additional visitors to your site, builds relevant SEO-friendly text links, and serves as assistance in building sales strategy.
The Blog extension gives you a noteworthy opportunity to communicate with your regular customers and casual visitors. With Blog you can create an interactive two-way communication platform to provide official information on your store news, upcoming products, promotions, and get customers’ feedback.
Blogging has proved to be called one of the best effective marketing tactics. If your customers feel that they are listened to and their needs are responded to, they are more likely to come back to your store again and again.
Want to learn more about your customers' choices, views, and preferences? Just let people leave comments and listen what they say! Being a part of the blog community, your customers will openly exchange their thoughts and express their opinions. A blog, with its readers and their comments, forms a real "live" environment where people feel free to communicate.

Points and rewards

Now you can greatly improve your Magento Community Edition store’s functionality. With the Points & Rewards Magento extension, you get the expanded and improved reward points system which allows you to award your customers for their “good” behavior – buying products in your store, inviting their friends, etc.
Our new Magento module offers the points and rewards system implemented as well as the referral program. With Points & Rewards extension, you get one of the most powerful solutions for enhancing customers’ loyalty, improving user experience, and increasing sales rates.

Discount for product review

Increase your profit by extra sales and keeping your customers coming back and purchasing again and again.
The extension allows using a unique marketing opportunity, and, according to our extension implementation statistics utilizing data from a number of stores, it is very likely to double your sales.
The main idea is to get your customers involved into the marketing process and creating promotional content for your store. Your customers will socialize and promote your store to get some extra benefits for themselves like getting promo and discount codes for the next purchase in your store.

Jirafe analytics integration

Jirafe provides deeply integrated real time ecommerce analytics for Magento store owners. The analytics dashboard displays highly relevant data and graphs, which are simple to understand and actionable to ecommerce store managers. Jirafe also delivers email reports to inbox and mobile phone.
The analytics dashboard will provide daily summary statistics via email covering the following Magento results per store:

Headline Data
The headline data provides at a quick glance the following metrics, as well as trends:
• Visits
• Orders
• Revenue
• Conversion %
• AOV (Average Order Value)
• Revenue per Visit


Nobody would deny the great impact the social media has on promoting one’s business, increasing website traffic, creating valuable backlinks, and getting referral customers. But rushing in the world of 1000+ social bookmarking sites alone is rather hasty – just imagine how much time you’ll need to register with at least 15 most popular services and post links there at least once a day.
With the Sociable extension this whole mess becomes easy and well-organized. Once having this Magento module configured, you get a perfect solution for bookmarking your products and store pages. The Sociable add-on allows your site visitors to share any page of your Magento store on any social networking site.
Moreover, with the Sociable extension you can always track which products and how many times have been bookmarked. Thus the clicks statistics allows you to correct your marketing strategy in time if something goes in the wrong direction.
The secret of the Sociable add-on is simple – the more people bookmark your Magento store, the higher rank it has in search engines, and the higher conversion rate you finally gain. Let your visitors promote your site on the web for you!

Help Desk

As many as 78% of customers cite "Customer Support" as the # 1 factor when choosing a merchant or a provider on the internet. That's what we found out in our recent study on factors influencing consumers’ online buying behaviour. An efficient customer support, case tracking and resolution system is indispensable for a successful e-commerce business.

The Help Desk Ultimate Magento extension, developed after taking on board the lessons we learnt on online shopper behaviour, is the perfect customer care and support solution for your Magento-based e-commerce site.

This extension adds the new canonical links to the head of your Magento pages, for a more in-depth explanation, see Yoast.com. More about Magento SEO in general at Yoast.

You may find other extensions similar to these - some of them will be even cheaper. Our goal with this release not to promote extension of the specific company but highligh useful extensions in terms of the functionality.

You may look for other nice magento extensions developed by QuartSoft with passion!
Thank you for reading and please kindly share this article with your friends.

They might be interesting to get one of these amazing extensions or suggest they own opinion about this list!

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