четверг, 30 июня 2011 г.

New release for 360FlashTour product

Today we finally deployed one more component associated with previously released 360FlashTour product. Its 360 panorama component. Inspired by Google street view service we were thinking about something similar which allows our customers to create same kind of tours.

360 Panorama is a really best way to promote your house, office space, hotels and even car interiour! There are many ways how you can use this component for your own benefits. Think of idea to let peoples review your product from 360 degree - rotate and almost touch them online.

We recommend this component for any ecommerce store, portal since this component allows you to attract your visitors and present your product not-in-common way.

Review our demo and broadcast about our solution and help our team to change a common photos into 360 degree view way.

Ohh and btw its still free to use!  Stay in touch for updates. 

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