пятница, 14 января 2011 г.

Corporate meeting summary

Its was really great to meet everybody today at our first corporate event. We are exciting about start of new business year. We hope this year will be successful for everybody. We start this year as always with improvements and first of all its related to our corporate structure, business model as well as upcoming changes in terms & service agreements and development process.

Changes in corporate structure. 

From Feb 1, 2011 we will significantly improve our structure and organize couple of new management positions.

Board of Directors:

Serg Kondratuk – director of finance
Paul Ryazanov – director of marketing
Aleksey Pashin – art director

List of officers:

Eugene Myasushkin – chief marketing officer
Aleksey Mikhailik – chief technology officer

List of our product managers:

Helen Bondarenko 
Eugene Dmitrichenk
Oksana Pivovarov
Alexandr Postushnoy
Aleksey Bulash
Gennady Vyaznikov
Dmitry Puchkov
Andrey Makhniboroda

Changes in business model.

Recent trends in online business and web development in general show a substantial increase in competition among various online products, startups and their owners.

It is no longer enough to develop a project.

That's why we move from project development to product development.

Our company this year will begin to implement the new scheme of work, where the main goal will be release not only qualitative but also commercially successful product, bringing profits and expand business for our customer.

To develop quality and, most importantly, capable of concurrency of product becomes necessary to attract additional resources that are not connected directly to the development, but are an important term for success of the product on the market: are experts in the field of system analysis, system design and interface, testers, experts in the field of SEO / SEM.

Beginning in February 2011 following resources will be available for you and will be part of your product development team:

Product Manager - will be responsible for organization of the team, tasks management, and communications;

System Architect and analytic – will be responsible for initial project analysis, planning, wireframes;

Designer / Usability expert - will be responsible for GUI of product;

Developers from various technologies / departments: php / open source / magento / .net / mobile / flash – will be responsible for programming of the business logic;

Xhtml coders – will be responsible for the client side programming and front end;

QA testers – will be responsible for UAT and other tests;

SEO/SEM experts – will be responsible for SEO/SEM side for the product;

Technical experts – will be responsible for a server configuration, hosting and domain management.

Apart from that control of product development will be done by:

Chief marketing officer (CMO) – will control finance side, planning of resources and follow that product development going in line with initial service agreements;

Chief technology officer (CTO) – will control technologies side of your product - that all product development going in line with most recent technologies;

Art director – will control all GUI, usability of your product.

Assignment of resources to a product development team will be done individually for every product by CMO, CTO, Art director according to a required experience and subject to change on monthly basis.

Changes in service agreements. 

According to new business model we will allocate resources to product development team on a full time or part time basis. Final resources and hours will be discussed and assigned based on month-to-month basis.

Once again thanks to all members of our team for hard work and congrats to everybody with a new business year.

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