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BookMob.ca - featured at Financial Post

Great news from our partner mr. Brad Dolan - founder of BookMob.ca: Canada's leader of textbook rentals. Within couple of months since start of operations service become really popular between students. About 1000 funs/followers at Facebook and Twitter and still growing community.

Interview about this business with mr. Dolan at Financial Post:  Student money: Don’t buy textbooks, rent

The cost of textbooks has increased at a rate far surpassing inflation over recent years. How can students make these costs more affordable?

BookMob is a Canadian company I founded as a Commerce graduate from Carleton University. Once students receive their textbook requirements, they can visit www.BookMob.ca and save $400-$500 per year by renting their textbooks rather than purchasing. The textbooks are delivered anywhere in Canada by UPS directly to the students door and are returned free after the semester, so there is no need for students to lose precious time standing in lines or make attempts at re-selling books following the semester.

BookMob was launched in the September 2010 semester and has been mentioned in Maclean’s Magazine University issue in their “#1 Money Saving Tip”. After the September launch, BookMob has obtained additional venture capital financing and now has the highest website traffic of any textbook rental service in Canada, the largest selection of titles available and rental volume for the January 2011 semester is on pace to increase by 500% over the previous semester.

Brad Dolan/Bookmob
Our best wishes to BookMob and team!

In case you are looking to develop your own product - please connect with our team and we will implement your ideas from the idea till release.

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