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Which Blogs Are Best To Get Linked From?

I was just asked this by a member of www.ArticleUnderground.com and thought I would share the response.

"Which of the Article Underground announcement blogs should I use to get linked from - only the ones with highest PageRank?"

Heck no! They all will help to get you top rankings!

www.annie75.com is a PageRank 7 currently if you want some juice

www.cDigg.com is only a PageRank 2 but it is spidered constantly which is good if you want your links crawled fast.

ALL of the blogs are worth getting linked in - but mix it up and don't put too many too fast. Ideally spread it out a little

A few links may be all it takes to get top rankings and traffic

If you want to rank for a keyword - it's more important that you have TEXT LINKS from PAGES that also have your keywords in the titles.

THIS is a big secret still for some reason - even though I have been teaching this for a while now - it's STILL a secret weapon and will make you rank on top FASTER! 

TARGET KEYWORDS in your LINK TEXT should MATCH the POST TITLE of the page that is linking to your page.

This is more important than a blog having high PR

Since the pages themselves are NEW pages and do not have PAGERANK themselves - it is splitting hairs as to whether you should only post on blogs with high pagerank

You are doing the linking to get rankings - try a few links and wait and see if you get traffic from Google - if not try adding a few more links on more blogs - mix it up and throw a lot out there - some of it will stick

In a perfect world you could get a PageRank 8 link that was permanent. It would be like magic.

These links usually go for 300 - 500 bucks per month on a front page of a site. That one link could do magical things but you will still need other links that give RELEVANCE and not just high pagerank

I'd try not to overthink it too much

Put up a lot of pages and link them the best way you can - the ways Google likes and you will get some winners.

Watch the video

Top 20 linking secrets

It has some fantastic tips that are TIMELESS for getting top rankings!

Have a great day and get some top rankings!

Best regards,

Mike Liebner

P.S. The webinar replay from last week is up!

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