вторник, 9 февраля 2010 г.

вебинар - Webinar - Best Practices for Magento Development

Join the joint webinar with Zend and Magento - "Best Practices for Magento Development".

Magento is the world's fastest growing eCommerce platform and also has a very vibrant and active developer community. Built using an Open Source model and industry leading technologies such as PHP and Zend Framework, Magento has over 1700 extensions through Magento Connect and also accepts code contributions directly from a world wide community of Magento contributors. Please join us for this special webinar covering best practices for Magento Development and get up to speed with coding for the most powerful and flexible eCommerce platform in the world.

Topics Include:

* Magento and Zend Framework Standards and Conventions
* Magento Coding Style
* How to Set Up a Magento Project in Zend Studio
* Writing Good, Extendable Code and Magento Extendability Principles
* Best Practices for Template Coding
* How to become an official Magento Contributor and Submit Code

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  1. Интересно будет узнать про работу с Magento в IDE. Autocomplete, debugging and etc.